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master the headshot

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Jonas Van Genechten (before/after)

Do you master the headshot? If I'm out on a photo-job or documenting an event, I always find it very useful to take home an interesting (tight) headshot of the people involved.

One of the big bonuses with a headshot is that you can create a VERY quick portrait of someone that is almost always interesting. Most of the times I do them with available light and with the cheapest pro-lens around: the 50mm1.8. My favorite.

Jon C

a few pointers:
– focus on the nearest eye
– shoot with your aperture wide open (smallest f-number)
– get in very close; use the closest focal distance as lead
– don’t crop on the hair-line, nor the chin
– get the lightsource (sun) behind your subject or shoot in the shadow
– overexpose 1/3 to 2/3 stops (when matrix-metering)

as a general rule:
– shoot RAW
– maximise your contrasts
– practice (x1000)

Sean Yates


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March 12, 2012 at 22:49

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